I took a step into the Once Upon a Time Tag on Tumblr

And I was surprised by a post I saw about Swan Queen – a relationship between Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) and Regina Mills/The Evil Queen (Lana Parilla) and I decided to investigate.  It turns out that there is some serious controversy over what members of the hit ABC show have said about this particular ship.

Apparently, the idea of SwanQueen is OFF the table and fans were not pleased.  In an article on Hypable, Brandi Dalhagen reported:

what I found was people saying that they would never watch the show again, sending death threats to the writers and producers, and generalized anger about the Swan Queen fandom


I was really surprised by this. I know how passionate fans can be. I truly do. I am one of those fans. After the last episode of OUAT, I had a proper cry over Rumbelle.  I can get quite angry over certain aspects of Doctor Who.  But I’m finding it really hard to come to terms with the extent that Swan Queens are going to.  I can’t count HOW many times one of my ships fell through but, ultimately, they had to for the good of the show.  Rumbelle is the first ship that has actually worked out and look how that’s going.

CSI: Miami

I must say, I applaud the crew from OUAT.  They are taking into account what is good for theshow and the story as opposed to giving into fan demand, which has inevitably caused the (start of a) downfall of many shows – CSI: Miami, Criminal Minds, FRIENDS, Scrubsshows that either dragged storylines on too long (I’m looking at you, Ross and Rachel!) or, in the case of crime shows, put too much focus on the personal lives and interactions of teams instead of cases (Criminal Minds, anyone?) purely because of ratings and fan demand.  Remember when CSI: Miami actually used to be good, instead of a joke?  (I’m going back to seasons 1-4 here – seasons 8-9 showed some potential.)  I’m still a little bitter that Ross and Rachel just HAD to get together in the last episode.

In the case of Friends, the show wasn’t cancelled (Criminal Minds isn’t either but I wouldn’t be suprised if it’s going that way – I haven’t watched the show since mid season 8 and I used to be OBSESSED!): it ended on it’s own terms.  But I think it was when Rachel had the baby, the show lost all it’s magic.

I think one of the few shows that still retained it’s magic over it’s 8 year run was Charmed.  I could rewatch those episodes again and again and still be enthralled by it.  Maybe it has something to do with the time I started watching it or what it holds for me but the show ended perfectly and maintained it’s appeal right up to the end.  Yes, we were involved in the lives of the Halliwell sisters, and even though they were demon fighting witches, their problems were somewhat realistic – Piper and Leo’s marital problems; Pheobe’s destructive relationship with Cole; Paige’s long search to ‘find herself’ (I really don’t like that phrase); the loss of someone you love.  It was just a really good show.

But back to the real issue: Once Upon a Time.  I ship Hook and Tinkerbell – but will I be overly upset if they don’t happen?  Of course not, not if it’s for the good of the show.  Once is too good to lose because fan’s throw tantrums and refuse to watch the show.

Alright.  Same-sex relationships are non-existant in the show at the moment but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be in the future – I saw an article (it could be the same one as the one above) where they suggested that Mulan and Aurora could be a ship, and how awesome would that be.  If the pairing feels right for the show than they’ll do it.  Swan Queen doesn’t feel right.  Regina and Emma work too well as people who join forces for the good of their son but are fundamentally at odds with each other.

To the writer’s of the show: you have reaffirmed my faith in the direction that storytelling is taking; in the direction that media is going in; and in magic.  For that, I thank you.  You are truly talented people who deserve recognition for your outstanding work and not  shit-slinging for trying to maintain your integrity and loyalty to the story for ratings.

NOTE: I have nothing against Swan Queen or their shippers, I’m simply drawing from articles I’ve read to commend the writers for the way they are treating the show and the storylines, and how submitting to the fans is almost never a good idea.  If you have any questions or comments, you can comment below, tweet me, find me on Tumblr or leave a message on Google+.

I’m also not sure where this controversey stems from: whether it was comments made at Comic-Con or Michael Coleman, I was just so amazed by the outcry when I read the Hypable article that I had to throw in my two cents.


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