THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR Review Reviewed… With minimal GIFS, I promise!


So I have finally come down from the high of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. It took a while, since my week seemed to be completely Doctor Who centered in some way: whether it be presentations or classes or just reliving the whole experience of the amazing episode; the atmosphere remained around this Whovian for almost a week after the event. During the week, I thought back on the experience (and re-watched the episode) I realised that, as amazing as the overall episode was, the story itself was poor.

Shall I explain?


I remember walking with my friend Jay one day, and discussing it what we expected from the episode, and Steven Moffat in general. While we agreed that his one offs (‘The Empty Child’/’The Doctor Dances‘, ‘Blink’) are pretty badass (if you couldn’t tell already, ‘Blink’ is one of my favourite episodes), his take-over of the show isn’t great (Matt Smith, though…) and we were apprehensive about it all.

doctor_who_the_day_of_the_doctor_50th_anniversary_kissthemgoodbye_2412I’m an optimist. I am a serious optimist. But I must say that after some serious time (and a number of rewatches) I am not the happiest camper on the camp grounds. The episode had everything the fans wanted: David Tennant, Billie Piper, Matt Smith and David Tennant having the bants LOLs. We got all that. But that episode was a disappointment. If the episode were to be a stand alone and not have a storyline that influenced the Whoniverse, I would be incredibly happy with it. Unfortunately, the story was messed with (not pointing any fingers, Moffat).  There were too many plot holes to get into but the main one would have to be the entire ending sequence where The Doctor (“All twelve.”  “No, all Thirteen.”) saved Gallifrey.  I get that time is ‘like a big ball of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey stuff’ so events that happened can change.  ‘Like Gallifrey being time locked?’  NO! Not like Gallifrey being time locked.  Haven’t you ever seen the Final Destination movies? If something is going to happen it’s going to happen.  There are certain events that the Doctor can’t interfere with: The Parting of Amy and Rory at the end of ‘The Angels Take Manhattan‘; meeting Donna, the most important woman in creation; River dying – the Doctor always knew how she was going to die and when and he just let it happen… to his wife! If he doesn’t interfere with that then clearly time shouldn’t be messed with.  But I guess Moffat is above the laws of time. OH MY GOD HE’S TIME LORD VICTORIOUS!!! (Guys SHERLOCK!!!).


I should get back on point.  I was so wrapped up in the excitement of the 50th Anniversary that I was able to overlook that fact, but things have quieted down and all I can think off are the inconsistencies.  Another loophole:  how did the Doctor remember that ‘this is the part where [he]comes in?’  If Ten and War forget everything that happened how could Eleven know that throwing in the Fez meant he was going to meet himself?  I think that, for me, is the biggest problem with this episode.  Yep… THAT!

Do the laws of Time apply any more? Can Moffat do whatever he wants and get away with it? Probably.  He did come out and say that technically Capaldi is number 14 (which pissed me off royally – Smith will always be Eleven!)

I could rant about how they probably could have included more cameos from past Doctors but I think this post is long enough.

Soon, there will be a post about Smith’s regeneration just as soon as I can bring myself to watch the episode.  Until then, readers:


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