#SherlockLives #SherlockReturns Sherlock – The Empty Hearse *WARNING: SPOILERS*


It’s finally here. Sherlock’s return Almost two years to the day and I cannot contain my excitement. Sherlock Holmes and co. return to our screens for three more episodes of the highly acclaimed BBC show. We will finally discover how the world’s first consulting detective and highly functioning sociopath survived the fall that ultimately saved the people he cares about: Mrs Hudson, Molly Hooper, Lestrade and, of course, John Watson.

When we last saw our heroes… the beloved detective was confonted with The Joker to his Batman: Jim Moriarty, played by Andrew Scott. After running around London solving crimes and coming ever closer to Moriarty, the two come face to face on the top of St. Bart’s Hospital. Moriarty revealed his endgame: Moriarty will call the sinpers off of Holmes companions when Sherlock kills himself. Then Moriarty kills himself. After a heart-wrenching phone conversation with John Watson, Sherlock falls to his death. We see his friends dealing with the fallout of what has happened. We see Mrs. Hudson and John Watson visit Holmes grave… we see Holmes standing in the shadows!

Fast forward two years.  We finally find out how it happened – how he did it. And I must say, it was pretty fucking smart.  I… Really… That opening sequence was just stellar.  (But seriously,  Watson, what was with that moustache? ‘It ages you!’)

(Is it just me or would Benedict Cumberbatch play a kickass Slytherin)


The opening sequence had oh so very much.

Derren Brown: when my mother told me he was in the episode, I really didn’t believe her.  It seemed so unrealistic, but when I saw the opening sequence, it worked really well.

A moment we had really been waiting for for so long, even if nothing comes of it.  The Sherlock and Molly kiss.  I loved it.  The scene in the last episode of season 2 between them was beautiful.  Even if these two never  become a couple, I am glad they added that scene in. A pleasant surprise came in the form of a theory of how Sherlock managed to fake his own death.  I think some of the fandom may have died a little bit…

One of the funniest moments in the episode come in the form of Sherlock as a French waiter trying to surprise John.  It was very typical Sherlock.  And the chemistry between them is still there.  Neither the writers nor the actors have lost their touch.

Two of my favourite scenes were: 1) when Sherlock revealed himself to Lestrade – can you say BROSHIP – that hug… It was just everything. 2) The scene toward the ending when John and Sherlock are on the train, when Watson realises he has been fooled by Sherlock into forgiving him.

Everyone’s reaction to John’s Moustache

A wonderful new addition to the cast comes in the form of John’s financée/wife Mary Morstan, played by Freeman’s real-life partner, Amanda Abbington. I was initially apprehensive of the casting but it paid off.

Come the 12th of January, I think one of the biggest questions on Sherlock fans will be: when will we see season 4? Will we see a season four? Time will tell.

The episodes air as follows: ‘The Empty Hearse’ will air tonight, New Year’s Day at 9.00 on BBC; the season continues Sunday with ‘The Sign of Three’, and will come to its conclusion on the 12th of January with ‘His Last Vow’ . To the US readers: the show will air on PBS on January 19th.  

All I can say now is bring on episode 2!!!


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