My V-Day Started Out With A Massacre – My Watchlist for the (Anti-)Valentine


The originals!  Possibly the scariest horror movies I’ve ever seen – Halloween 2 is (surprisingly) equally as scary.  The thing about this movie is that you never know who he is going to kill;  the music keeps you in constant suspense and you even BECOME Michael Meyers when the camera takes on his Point of View.  There’s a kind of voyeurism to the film.  I was watched the two films last night and all I could think was, ‘This is so tense.’  Without a doubt, this is my favourite horror movie. I definitely recommend it as an ‘up yours’ to the romantic… day.


This seemed like the perfect anti-valentines day movie.  It’s all about obsession.  He’s becomes obsessed with her.  Another her tries to use his obsession to win him over.  It has James Stewart in it!  AND it’s a classic Alfred Hitchcock movie.  Definitely in my top five of his movies.

The Lord of The Rings Trilogy

Just because!  Do you ever really need a reason to watch these movies?  The 9-10 hour long trilogy will easily help you to forget that it’s that one day that you really hate – until you meet someone and it becomes your favourite day of the year.  No, just me? Ok then…

Happy (or unhappy, whichever) Valentine’s day to you!


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