Reading is such a beautiful past time. I’m not one of those people who pushes literature down other’s throats; there have been times when I hadn’t picked up a book for weeks but lately, in the last few years, I have found again the beauty in reading. The wonderful escapism it offers. And perhaps for me, that escapism is like a drug, an addiction. Perhaps, sometimes, my love of literature is taken too far and I need to pull myself back to reality. But how can one be fully emmersed in reality when there are so many other worlds to explore; so many other stories to read. I am contantly looking for new books to read: a list of the books referenced in Pretty Little Liars; books about topics that interest me at the time – at the moment Wicca, Iceland, psychology and (thanks to my unhealthy obsession with Criminal Minds) serial killers.

So, I’ve decided that, as well as the 2015 reading challenge (which posts I am going to get back on top of ASAP) I’ve decided to also begin The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. The Gilmore Girls is high on my list of tv shows to watch and, as someone who, from the episodes that I did see, always related to Rory, and is always looking for new reading material, I was very excited to see that there was a Rory Gilmore book list when I searched reading lists on Pinterest

In no particular order (except, to some extent, ease of access) I shall be reading and reviewing the books. Some of them I will have read before the commencement of my ‘challenge’ but with a whopping 339 titles on the list, I don’t think I’ll find myself lacking reading material too often – unless there are some titles on the list that are difficult to get (hopefully that won’t be the case too much.)

And keep an eye on the tag TheRoryGilmoreReadingChallenge for updates (updates can also be found on my tumblr and twitter… and occassionally instagram – yes I rather think that this is a little bit of subconcious/shameless social media plugging!)

For Rory’s extensive book list, click here.



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