#2015ReadingChallenge – A Book That Scares You – The Haunting of Hill House

I read this book back in March/April and have since lost the slip of paper where I made my notes *le sigh* so I’m writing this review from memory since I don’t have the copy of the book with me so this post is probably going to be short. And it was a beautiful edition.

The Haunting of Hill House by Shitley Jackson. Chances are, if you haven’t read the book, you are still familiar with the story, be it the 1963 film or the much, much terrible 1999 film, titled The Haunting and staring Liam Neeson and Catherine Zeta Jones, with all that awful CGI, or from Scary Movie 2.

Here’s a very brief synopsis:

Dr. Montague invites 2 strangers to Hill House, a haunted house, to conduct an experiment in to the paranormal. Of Dr. Montague, the two women, Eleanor and Theodora, and the owner of the house, Luke, the house begins to have massive effects on Eleanor. The house seems to be calling to her, at one point writing her name in blood, and, as well as physical hauntings, takes a toll on her mental wellbeing.

Source (me :))

Very rarely do I consider a book to be scarier than it’s filmic counterpart but this book terrified me. I remember a description about the architecture of the house: how it was built at an angle and how one of the room windows was at an angle as well to give a feeling of disorientation to it’s occupants as well as the readers. It worked.

This book really impressed me because I had been so swamped with it’s filmic counterparts that I had had very low hopes for the book. Also, books tend to not scare me as much as films. But this is one of the ones that I would come back to again. I will definitely be buying it.

(On the topic of Shirley Jackson, I also really want to read We Have Always Lived In A Glass Castle and The Lottery. Anyone have any thoughts on these?)


Up Next:  The Girl On The Train  –  Paula Hawkins




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