Harry Potter & The Cursed Child – Where Canon Meets FanFiction

Before I get into the nitty gritty, allow me to just say.  I freaking LOVED IT!  I know.  There will be nay-sayers out there and nay-sayers who say that anyone who likes this book isn’t a true fan (although, surprisingly, I haven’t seen that around at all.)  But I loved it!  And that’s kind of a surprise.  I knew that I would like it but I didn’t expect to a) get so  invested so fast and b) have so many feels.  I did not expect to cry.  Initially, yes I did.  When Launch Day arrived I was so excited.  I bought bracelets, I started the series again.  I was heartbroken when I found out that the local Waterstones was having a party and I couldn’t go.  And then the day was over and I became uninterested.  It was two weeks before I bought the book.  And then I started to wonder, ‘Am I a fan?  Do I really love the wizarding world?  Or is it the stigma, the hype the idea that being a Potterhead is a cool thing in a nerdy way?’ I remember how excited I was when I got The Half-Blood Prince, my sister had to bring it to me and I stayed up all night to watch the midnight release on TV.  And when I got The Deathly Hallows, it literally made my day.   I started questioning myself.  Yeah, it gave me a little bit of an identity crisis.  Has my whole nerdy life been a lie!?

And then it hit me.

Just because I wasn’t excited, doesn’t mean I wasn’t a fan.  I enjoyed the day that was in it because it is the fandom.  Because there are people out there like me who were celebrating the day when we got a new book.  And then I realised it.  I was a fan.  I am a fan.  More.  Harry Potter has been a major part of my life since I was 4.  Or three.  But I’m pretty sure it was 4.  I remember I was in bed with my sister and I started this book and it was so wonderful.  Ok, I didn’t finish it.  I don’t think I got very far but I remember how magical it was.  Magi-cool.  The reason I was so excited about The Half-Blood Prince and The Deathly Hallows was because they were part of a much larger story.  They were part of a story that I grew up with.

Why wasn’t I excited for The Cursed Child?  Because I knew it was going to be different.  How many characters had we lost?  And these kids that we grew up with were all grown up and had kids.  But that didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to enjoy it.

So when my mom bought it for me, I was thrilled.  And I had it read it in about 6 hours.

So, that’s the sentimental element of my post.  Now to fangirl out.  Oh, and… there will be spoilers.

Is it Canon?

Heyyyy, ever-present-question-in-all-fandoms!  This is a simple question with what should be a simple answer.  At times, I thought, yes, of course how could this not be.  And then at other times I think JK Rowling picked top fanfics and was like, I’m going to use elements of you, you and you, especially when it came to the alternate realities and the story in general.  The characters, however were wonderfully developed.  Draco, for instance, and McGonagall, and The Trio (to an extent).  So, is it canon?  I think, yes, the characters developed that way and Scorpius and Albus did time travel.  But I’ve had to really stretch my imagination to believe that Delphi was the daughter of Voldemort.

Also, did anyone else pick up on that line where Harry said that he faced Voldemort 5 times and nearly died?  Because I count a few more…

Scorpius likes who?

So very rarely does that light go off in my head that screams:


But, Scorpius, Albus.  Albus, Scorpius.  Now go and have babies.

I’m sorry but their attraction oozed out from their very first lines to each other.  I was actually really shocked that they didn’t end up together.  I’m sorry, but I can’t have been the only one to have read that, right?  When Scorpius was talking about how Rose smelled, I really thought that he was actually talking about Albus, and I had to reread the section when they talked about Scorpius asking out Rose.  Like, they were legit heartbroken when they were separated… HEARTBROKEN! And Scorpius thought of Albus when he was fighting off the dementors, and “gave up his kingdom for him”.  Not Rose.  Not to bring Rose back.  To be back with ALBUS!  And all those moments when Delphi and Albus were interacting, it clearly states that Scorpius was jealous.  Not suspicious of her, jealous.  And perhaps this was because his friend was hanging out with someone else but…




First off.  To anyone who wants to say that everyone likes Snape because it’s cool to do – boo to you.  I’ve loved Snape since the second time I read the books.  Why?  All the other characters were becoming too whiny and McGonagall just wasn’t in it enough.  I fell in love with Snape at a time in my life when I started looking at things critically.  The first time I read the story, but the second time, I was more focused on the characters, the details.  I loved Snape because of his ambiguity, of his development, of his love for Lily (which is amplified in The Cursed Child).  Sometimes, it’s as simple as bad people doing the right things for the right reasons.  Because, let’s face it:  sometimes The Trio could get whiny.

(I lowkey believe that I started the hype over Snape but



I finished Act 3, Scene 4 and was beginning Scene 5 when I had to do a Scorpius and check that he said Snape.  SNAPE!  That she brought back Snape was just so beautiful, and that he continued to work on the side of good – that he began to believe in it because of Lily was even more so.  “All it takes is one person.”

Snape has always been the light in the darkness.  Even before we know who and what he truly was.  Having Snape come back was the highlight of many highlights for me.  And having him die again was so incredibly painful.

(Also, his acceptance of his death in the other reality was simply perfect.)

(Snape had some pretty amazing lines in this!)

Hermione & Ron

Did anyone else feel like Hermione and Ron’s interactions in the Alternate Realities were a little bit forced.  Like where was Ginny in ANY of them?  I feel like she would have been with Harry when Albus woke up or that she would have joined Ron and Hermione.  When Ron appeared in the Reality with Voldemort Day, I was really surprised.
And, what was with Ron, anyway? He was a bit too Ludo Bagman-y for me.  I’m glad that he joined the Joke Shop but I guess I always expected him play an equal role to Harry and Hermione in later years because he had developed so well in The Deathly Hallows, he had really grown up.  It felt like he had been really set back in the The Cursed Child.  Like, pre – Philosopher’s Stone set back…

Hermione and Snape

(Fanfiction moment) Snermione, Snanger, Sevione.  I am personally going to call them the S.S. Prudence & Potions (all courtesy of Fanlore).  This came up in conversation once before and I laughed off the idea of shipping them.  But once Hermione was introduced in the Alternate Reality I really thought that they would have declared their love for each other.  It was nice to see them as equals. I definitely liked their interactions much much more than I did Ron and Hermione in any universe.  That being said, I was glad with the callback to his love for Lily.

Draco & The Trio

And the award for best character development goes to…

Out of all of them, Draco has to be the besr developed character in the entire book. He still has that Malfoy flair but he knows what matters, he is nothing like Lucius and he is happy to let bygones be bygones for the sake of his son.


  • Drarry – they looked at each other as friends
  • Dramione – “I’m being bossed around by Hermione Granger… And I’m mildly enjoying it.”

Where Were James and Lily

Considering they were the favoured children, I’m surprised we didn’t see more of them.  But the story was centered around Albus, so I guess that makes sense.

And finally…

Who else was glad that McGonagall was 100% done with Harry’s shit?

And Dumbledore hated the fact that he called Albus after him.

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