Broadchurch is Back


This week saw the return of my favourite dynamic duo, Hardy and Miller.

Yup season 3 began in full swing on Monday (America, I don’t know when you’re going to get it) and it was gooood.

The episode kicked off with Ellie and Alec responding to a call about a sexual assault.  They take her to be examined and processed and it is heartbreaking.  There’s a creepy scene at the end but I’m not going to spoil anything.  Yet.

Olivia Colman, David Tennant and Julie Hesmondhalgh are incredible throughout the whole episode, but we also get glimpses into how other much loved character are getting on 3 years on.  Arthur Darvill returns as Paul, Maggie is back, releasing her book, telling Mark’s story, Chloe is doing her exams, and Beth is working at a crisis centre and, gasp, is assigned to Trish, the victim of the crime of the season.

Alec Hardy finds out that everyone has been calling him shitface since day 1, and is struggling as a single parent, but, if ep 1 is anything to base on, there will be a lot of quips between him and Ellie for the rest of the season.


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