The Light Side vs. The Dark Side

Going back to Star Wars for a moment, I noticed something when I let my mind wander and that was how interesting the battle between good and evil is depicted in the Original Trilogy and, also, the Prequel Trilogy – I mean, I noticed it earlier in the PT but only just noticed in the OT.


Oh, hey clear visualisation of Good vs Evil x

No, not this – the good guy in white and the bad guy dressed in black.  This:

The good guy dressed in black and the bad guys dressed in white!

(Ok, how late am i in getting to this ‘doy’ party?)

I just think it’s interesting, in light of The Force Awakens, that these guys might actually believe that they are fighting for the betterment of the galaxy and because of the way Revenge of the Sith went in making out that the Jedi were pure evil and the Republic was corrupt.  This was the whole reason Anakin turned to the dark side.  Well,  and because he thought *cough*correctly*cough* that Padmé and Obi-Wan were secretly in love with one another.


No, this isn’t the look of love.  Not at all…   x

It was Sidious’ call to put Vader in all black but maybe it was Vader’s call to put the storm troopers in white, because he still believed in what the Emperor/Chancellor had told him all along, the Jedi and the Republic were corrupt and if Attack of The Clones taught us anything about Anakin, aside from his hating sand, it’s that he has a certain view of how the Galaxy should be run, and he believes the Emperor is running it that way.


Well, there it is, another (possibly superfluous) post about Star Wars.  Because you know what? Aside from the continuity errors (Like, you had the story in the first three movies – how could you screw up continuity???) I really like the prequels.  They are a lot more complex than I used to give them credit for.  And I don’t hate Anakin all that much anymore.


Hey, look at that,  I’m growing!



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