An Introduction

Somebody told me that this is the place where everything’s better and everything’s safe

IN the last fifty two weeks, I have been reading a lot of blogs. I’m on my laptop a lot so it’s the easiest option if I want a… ‘distraction’ I guess is the word I’m looking for.

My Aims:

  • To provide a way to express the topics I’m interested in
  •  To improve my writing skills
  • As a form of progressive procrastination

The layout:

Music/Books – Monday
Random Post – Tuesday
Fashion – Wednesday
Food – Thursdays
Movies/TV Shows – Friday

I read a blog post once. It said that a blog post should be captivating. I have no illusions of grandeur. I do not think my blog is captivating and that is why I’m here. I’m hoping that at some point I will turn on my computer and I will write something … captivating.

As for me: I’m just a nerdy girl who tweets and tumbles


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